Carbon Credits for Banks

New Revenue Streams for Banks

Carbon credits represent a new fee-based revenue stream for banks. Triangle’s platform links sourced data from the bank’s customers to partner D-MRV (Digital Measurement, Reporting & Verification) methodologies to verify and evaluate impact and certify compliance for the issuance of carbon credits.

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Measurement & Verification Delivering
Compliance & Asset Custody

Once the Measurement and Verification process is certified by a D-MRV partner, Triangle creates fungible carbon credit for the bank’s customers in our Asset Factory. Once minted and the newly minted carbon credits are added to our Sustainability-linked Asset Registry for future audit and verification.

Manage and Mint Assets at Scale

Triangle provides tools to banks to manage asset performance in their loan book, and mint carbon credits across portfolios providing speed, efficiency and transaction-based compensation.

Carbon Credit Custody and Asset Lending for Banks

Banks hold the carbon credits in custody on behalf of their customers so they can monetize and sell their assets in the open market, sell/transfer to their supply chain partners for higher sales price, or clients can lend out their carbon credit supply and earn a return.

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Carbon Credit Market Opportunity for Banks

Carbon credits become an important tool to achieve TCFD Compliance and realize the cost of borrowing benefits from the sustainability-linked bond market. Banks, and their customers, can use carbon credits to increase profitability and improve risk management.