A digital platform for climate & infrastructure assets


TCFD Compliance & Sustainability-linked Underwriting

Future proof your climate compliance efforts 

  • Eliminate both current & future regulatory risks
  • Solve Scope 3 routing complexities
  • Homogenous benchmarking and reporting infrastructure
  • Eliminate reliance on APIs
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AG & Farming

Unleash the potential of sustainable farming  

    With farming it's not just about crops

    • Increase farm income with reduced borrowing costs
    • Improve water quality
    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    • Mint carbon credits for sustainable practices
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    Banks & Energy Transition

    Carbon Credit Minting

    Delivering a new revenue stream to banks

    • Automated data collection, processing and validation
    • Custody and asset lending services
    • Allow your customers to synthetically accomplish their Climate Compliance requirements
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    Real Estate & Asset Managers

    Identify and manage asset performance and climate risks

    Portfolio Management 

    • Track and benchmark real-time performance of portfolios and indivisual assets
    • Automate risk management and Climate Compliance
    • Comprehensive, aggregated market data or economic, climate and insurance information
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    Digital Twins for economic and operational management

    Delivering your Smart City/Municipality

    • Scalable TCFD compliance to eliminate both current & future regulatory risks
    • Solve Scope 3 routing complexities
    • Homogenous benchmarking and reporting infrastructure
    • Eliminate reliance on APIs
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    Shipping and LOgistics

    Scalable TCFD

    Scalable TCFD - Scope 3 Super Power,

    • Sus-link Underwriting
    • Real-time connected architecture
    • Automated servicing
    • Reduce your own cost of capital
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    Climate is a Big [Data] Problem.

    Triangle AssetOS enables the transition to a climate resilient future by linking data and assets.

    “Not until Finance and Climate can speak the same language will there be a solution to the Climate Problem”

    – Head of ESG, Allianz, COP26

    BCT Overview - English Version
    BCT Overview - Spanish Version

    Our Partners

    Linking data & assets

    The Triangle AssetOS platform aggregates, homogenizes, and analyzes data across individual sources ranging from billing to IOT sensors to link data directly with assets for sustainability tracking, reporting, benchmarking, and analysis.

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    cost of capital reduction
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    Data-informed investing
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    Liquidity creation
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    Compliant & Regulated offerings

    The benefits of blockchain technology

    No more broken APIs

    Digital Twins provide consistent, homogenous data feeds that easily and efficiently scale with complexity.

    Embedded compliance

    Each data transmission point is linked to a carbon emissions taxonomy and becomes immutable via Digital Twin (#hash), enabling the highest standards of security when it comes to compliance and issuance.

    Increased stability & transparency

    Real-time consensus and real-time verifiability to source data for climate performance.

    AssetOS Capabilities

    Digital twin (#hash)

    Digital linkage and aggregation point between data sources (Billing and IoT sensor) and financial assets.

    Portfolio & asset tracking

    Digital twins can be linked to a single asset or a collection of assets with all operating and climate compliance metrics reported on a configurable basis.

    Climate supply chain management

    AssetOS provides a solution for Scope 1 & 2 inside the corporate footprint, while allowing for the necessary aggregation and reporting of Scope 3 across a supply chain.
    Manufacturing and business operations sites are linked to Digital Twins to aggregate billing and IoT sensor information, while Suppliers and customers are connected to Digital Twins to aggregate, homogenize and report in real-time across your supply chain.

    Sustainability linked loans & bonds

    Reduce cost of funds by converting traditional debt to Sustainability-linked via aggregating and reporting the TCFD.

    Direct lending opportunities

    Manage risk and economic performance reporting for climate compliance information across your loan book.

    Tokenization of carbon credits

    AssetOS links IoT outputs to digital MRV solutions that can verify and validate performance for carbon credit minting. Enables various stakeholders to take ownership of the monetization process.

    Dive deeper into how the AssetOS platform can benefit you.


    Scalable TCFD compliance that unlocks climate revenue streams and lowers cost of capital

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    Asset managers

    Aggregate climate performance data across your portfolio to optimize return and performance to your LPs.

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    Capital markets

    Provide Issuers and Borrowers tools to optimize performance ranging from TCFD Compliance KPI monitoring to Capital Placement for green investment.

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    Our Team

    Blockchain Triangle's Chief Executive Officer, Darren Wolfberg

    Darren Wolfberg

    Chairman, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    Logan Sugarman, Co-founder & CRO

    Logan Sugarman

    Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer
    Philipp Klingelhofer, Head of Asset Management & Infrastructure Banking

    Philipp Klingelhofer

    Head of Asset Management & Infrastructure Banking

    Katherine Foster

    Climate Development
    Blockchain Triangle's Head of Product, Raj Parimi

    Raj Parimi

    Co-Founder & Head of Onboarding

    Vlad Kosachev

    Chied Technology Officer

    Niko Plaitakis

    Creative Technologist, Head of Product

    Andrew Greeley

    Managing Director, Finance & Operations

    Rafal Petsch

    Managing Director, Triangle EU

    Alison Morrison

    Money Laundering Reporting Officer

    Anna Kurilchenko

    Quality Assurance and Project Management
    Blockchain Triangle's Chief Information and Operations Officer, John Tartaglia

    John Tartaglia

    Chief Information & Operating Officer
    Blockchain Triangle's Chief Compliance Officer, Grant Spurling

    Grant Spurling

    Chief Compliance Officer & Co-General Counsel

    Ash Kalb

    Cyber & Legal Advisory

    Silvio Pupo-Frank - Sus-linked, Blue Economy

    LatAm Sustainability and Capital Markets

    Zach Pogue

    Director of Business Development and Innovation

    Charles Moore

    Digital Asset and Climate Finance Solutions
    Blockchain Triangle's General Counsel, Mark Petingill

    Mark Pettingill

    Board Observer & Co-General Counsel

    Nisa Amoils - Web3 & Climate

    Investor, A100X
    BJ Arnold, Co-COO

    BJ Arnold

    Board Member

    Lewis Katz

    Board Member

    Advisors and Experts

    Dr. Peter Adriaens - Research & Infra Finance

    University of Michigan & Equarius

    Kirk Anthony Hamilton - Incubator & Events

    Tech Beach, TBR Labs, Visionaire

    Kathleen Faries - Reinsurance

    Artex Risk, Gallagher RE

    Kevin Richards - Venture & Blue Economy

    Bermuda Asset Management

    Bryan Bellack - Risk Advisory

    Risk & Compliance Advisory

    Christy Cardenas - Infra & Energy Transition

    Investor, Grit Ventures

    Dennis Mahoney - Insurance & Business Mgmt

    Former Chairman, Aon

    Adam Wasserman - Legal & ESG


    Michael Dershem - Healthcare