Carbon Credits/RECs for Energy Transition

Energy Transition is Built on Data
Whether a new material, chemistry, solution, IoT sensors from hardware are core to measuring economic and operational performance.  Triangle’s open data platform is ideal for climate solution providers that need to link hardware & IoT to not only report data, but also manage the asset as a digital asset.

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Digital Twins create Carbon Credits/RECs for Energy Transition

Carbon Credits/RECs are part of the monetization strategy for Energy Transition assets.  Triangle’s platform links sourced data from Energy Transition assets to partnered D-MRV (Digital Measurement, Reporting & Verification) methodologies to verify and evaluate impact.  D-MRV and either Verifiers or Auditors certify data and carbon methodology to register the carbon credits.

Digital Twins for Lending & Carbon Reporting

Economic and climate performance data are key to identify opportunities for sustainability-linked lending. Using Triangle’s platform creates digital twins linking, IoT sensors to assets for solar, wind, battery, geo-thermal, EV, etc. Triangle’s software platform optimizes your loan book performance and optimizes pricing and risk. The data from these assets is then used for carbon credit minting.

Institutional Carbon Credits/RECs Market

Triangle Digital brings Minting-as-a-Service (MAAS) to Banks and Climate Solution providers so they can create compliance financial assets. Because carbon credits require regulatory oversight, Triangle Digital is DABA-registered and is permitted to issue and sell digital assets.

Custody: Triangle mints RECs and Carbon Credits for our customers so they can custody them and use them for compliance.

Indication Board: By using digital assets and blockchain, Triangle removes the inefficiency in the fragmented market with transparency, auditability and verifiability.

Regulated Carbon Credits

Once the Measurement and Verification process is certified by our partner, Triangle creates fungible carbon credit for the bank’s customers in our Asset Factory and is added to our Sustainability-linked Asset Registry for future audit and verification. Banks hold the carbon credits in custody on behalf of their clients so they can monetize in the open market, with their supply chain partners or use for their own borrowing cost benefit.

Energy Transition Assets reduce your operating costs while reducing your cost of borrowing

RECs & Carbon Credits become an important tool to achieve TCFD Compliance and realize the cost of borrowing benefits from the sustainability-linked bond market. Banks, and their customers, can use carbon credits to increase profitability and improve risk management.