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Companies can't manage what they can't measure.

Every company has its unique journey toward reaching environmental and carbon goals. Our Triangle platform is here to support you with the necessary tools to navigate this process.

Explore our various projects and offsets available for sale or investment, or let us know the specific types of carbon credits you're interested in purchasing.

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Triangle named Top 5 Finalist for COP28UAE UNFCCC and BIS Sustainable Finance using blockchain.

Triangle Digital brings an institutional mindset to the carbon credit market by removing inefficiencies in the fragmented market with transparency, auditability and verifiability.  This is some text inside of a div block.

Triangle Features and Benefits

Triangle Sustainability-linked Asset Registry

Triangle’s asset registry provides access to verifiable data for Auditability and transparency for potential buyers or service professionals

Digital Twins

With our patented technology, Triangle links data with assets for granularly-reported performance then distributed in a decentralized format to end recipients.

Triangle Chain

Triangle uses blockchain to create digital twins of assets to memorialize the relationship between assets, owners and the
the underlying data associated with each asset.

GHG Reporting

Greenhouse Gas reporting is the basis for understanding your climate impact. Triangle provides tools for granular and auditable carbon reporting metrics.

Carbon Credit Minting

With our partners, Triangle can mint carbon credits on behalf of clients to create financial assets that can be sold and traded, or used for  compliance purposes.

IoT & API Data

By connecting to source data from IoT sensors and ERP APIs, Triangle can deliver granular reporting to individual and enterprise clients for compliance.

Carbon Credit Liquidity

With its growing list of distribution partners, Triangle provides access to carbon credit liquidity for stakeholders upstream and downstream to manage their carbon footprints.

Distributed Scope 3 Super Power

By allocating a digital ID and wallet to each entity, Triangle can aggregate and report data seamlessly to different companies upstream and downstream for auditable Scope 3.

D-MRV Partners

Triangle works with best-in-class partners in soil carbon sequestration (cover crop, pastureland & forestry), in methane (oil and gas well capping & in dairy for biogas), and in the blue economy.  

Sustainability-linked Lending

Triangle provides tools to banks to help them manage their loan books for reduced borrowing costs, and for compliance with regulators.

Regulated & Compliant

Unlike many participants in the carbon credit market, Triangle is a registered broker dealer permitted to create and sell carbon credits as well as digital assets.

Institutional Carbon Credit Market

As a commodity derivative, carbon credits require regulatory oversight for these financial products. As a registered broker dealer permitted to issue and sell digital assets, Triangle Digital brings the institutional rails to banks, asset managers, and enterprises of all shapes and sizes so they can maintain compliance and purchase these financial products. By using digital assets and blockchain, Triangle removes the inefficiency in the fragmented market with transparency, auditability and verifiability

Registry & D-MRV Protocol Partners

Triangle Digital’s has partnered with leading registries and protocols to convert their certificates and NFTs to fungible carbon credits.  These assets once minted on the Triangle platform are listed on our regulated Sustainabilioty-linked Asset Registry and become a financial asset that can be transacted as a commodity derivative between buyer and seller.  Today, Triangle is servicing partners in cover crops, dairy, forestry, oil and gas segments and are excited for future partners in the pipeline in the blue economy.

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Triangle Sustainability-linked Asset Registry

Sustainability-linked Asset Registry provides buyers and sellers transparency and peace of mind. With auditability and verifiability core to the registry, Triangle provides the chain of custody and performance over the life of an asset.