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Scaleable TCFD Compliance - Climate Reporting & Supply Chain

Our platform seamlessly collects, standardizes, and analyzes climate compliance data for benchmarking and reporting purposes on your carbon footprint for TCFD, Scope 1, 2 & 3 compliance.

Simply and (more importantly) automatically upload billing information and/or sensor data (rooftop solar, battery, EV) from across your corporate footprint.  The Triangle system  aggregates all of your data for easy reporting of your carbon footprint to regulators, investors and credit rating agencies.

We can address needs incrementally starting with direct emissions from internal sources (Scope 1 & 2) extending to client emission requirements (Scope 3).

Let us help you reduce your regulatory risk and cost of capital

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  • Link TCFD reporting software into Triangle's Climate Taxonomy.
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Sustainability-linked Underwriting Platform - Climate Lending Market

Sustainable loans represent a 5 trillion-dollar market set for 200% year-on-year growth for the foreseeable future.

2021 was a banner year for sustainable lending with global volumes of over $1.3 trillion, a 116% increase over 2020 and a new record, will exceed $3T in 2022, and the CFA institute estimates the market will reach $50T by 2025.

Driving this is investor demand for Sustainable loans and Borrower incentives driven by lowered capital costs versus traditional loans. 

Like any new or changing product banks and financial institutions need systems and data to help manage the underwriting process and help add fee generating lines like Carbon Minting

Let us help you profitably address this large and growing loan market.

Our software platform will help you optimize your loan book performance with regard to NIM, Efficiency ratio, and Net Loss Ratio, providing a distinct edge in gaining market share with data and systems to optimizing pricing and risk..

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Direct Revenue Opportunities - Carbon Minting

Loan growth is only one aspect of the climate & sustainability opportunity, with carbon data directly aggregated directly from a sustainable loan program banks can use our system to mint carbon credits. These credits represent an additional revenue stream that can be counted as fee income and augment the returns from the sustainable lending platform.

Banks are at the center of climate compliance and uniquely positioned to help their clients manage and take advantage of their climate exposures.  

As well our software systems you will be able to provide definitive benchmarking data to your clients and help them achieve their goals with regard to climate initiatives. In that context a carbon minting program will establish the bank as a market maker, sourcing carbon credits from clients with net negative footprints for clients looking to go carbon neutral. 

Let us help you better facilitate the carbon needs of your clients.

Our software platform will be your one stop shop for carbon data aggregation, carbon credit minting and market making. 

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