Today is a momentous day for climate and sustainability in the United States. In a clear message tocapital markets, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) joins major economies includingthe European Union (EU), United Kingdom (UK), Japan, Canada, China/Hong Kong, Singapore,Australia, New Zealand, India, and UAE in adopting climate disclosure requirements for public companiesand public debt. Here is a fact sheet linking to the ruling, and here is a link to the comments Trianglesubmitted to the proposed rule.

The SEC’s decision to institute mandatory and regular reporting of climate impact information, includingScope 1 & 2, marks an important shift in climate accountability and transparency for investors. Bothinvestors and asset managers will finally have access to consistent and comparable climate informationfrom which they can make more informed decisions and take more confident action. We are encouragedby the achievement of this requisite first step towards meeting investors' needs and coming intoalignment with international standards.

What was once a "big if and little when" has arrived, albeit without a Scope 3 reporting requirementincluded. While many will chalk the lack of Scope 3 as a victory, it won’t limit the need for Scope 3reporting from other regulatory bodies, which includes:
● Flow of Capital: A public or private company that has a Top 200 asset manager as an investor,and an investor that has LPs originating in the EU, UK, Japan, Canada, China/Hong Kong, Singapore,India, Abu Dhabi, Australia, New Zealand (and the list gets longer by the week), will still have Scope 3reporting for their financed emissions.

● Supply Chain: If you are a private company that sells to a company with >EUR40m in sales in theEU or sells to an entity with >EUR40m in sales in the EU, you will need to provide Scope 3 compliance.Domestically, businesses with revenues exceeding $1 billion USD in California are mandated by SB 253to comprehensively report their greenhouse gas emissions, encompassing scopes 1, 2, and 3.These new mandates could catalyze increased investment in carbon credits as more regulations,compliance, and standardization enhance overall trust in the market. In light of these regulations andtheir interaction with GHG reporting, Triangle will be hosting a teach-in on carbon credits on Tuesday,March 12th from 2:15 - 3:15 pm.
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Triangle Systems Inc.:Triangle's platform, AssetOS, generates digital twins of real-world assets to synthesize climate,operational, and economic data from diverse inputs into a unified, standardized dataset. This platformestablishes a baseline for carbon emissions, facilitates ongoing monitoring, and ensures compliance withregulatory frameworks such as the TCFD. By sourcing timely data from IoT sensors, smart meters, andlinked utility accounts, AssetOS provides an automated data feed supporting sustainability-linked loans,carbon credits, and reporting requirements.

Adherence to frameworks like the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and recently adopted InternationalSustainability Standards Board (ISSB) guidelines delivers ongoing benefits to organizations. Theseinclude compliance with TCFD, meeting stakeholder reporting needs, streamlining operational processes,reducing administrative costs, securing lower borrowing rates through sustainability-linked borrowing,supporting carbon credit creation and revenue recognition, and guiding climate-positive strategicplanning. Triangle's operating system facilitates a comprehensive and standardized approach toaddressing regulatory requirements and promoting sustainable practices across sustainability financeand carbon credit markets.


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