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Unique access to investment opportunities in the climate resilient economy

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Increased access to investment opportunities in the climate-risk sector

Blockchain Triangle’s platform provides unfettered access to newer climate risk projects, an industry previously only available to larger investors and privately brokered deals.

Through streamlining the issuance process for compliant asset managers, BCT enables the growth of a whole new class of digital security that investors can now tap into.

Mockup of the BCT platform's marketplace for climate solutions

Reduce investment risk through the bundling of sub-scale assets and real-time performance tracking.

For experienced investors, Blockchain Triangle's platform allows for portfolio diversification and de-risking through the bundling of sub-scale assets, while enabling newer investors to access high-growth climate opportunities. Our portfolio view allows any level of investor to easily see total, real-time performance of all bundled and singular assets – all in one view.

In addition, our investment platform again reduces risk by onboarding investors and issuers with full compliance under the Bermuda Monetary Authority’s DABA legislation, providing peace of mind for all compliance considerations.

Screenshot of Blockchain Triangle's product interface - dashboard

Blockchain Triangle is fully compliant and licensed under the most robust digital asset licensing regime.

Our platform onboards investors and issuers with full compliance under the Bermuda Monetary Authority’s DABA legislation.

Democratization to a new class of investors that are actively looking for climate-risk minded projects to invest in.

Traditionally, ESG investment required larger amounts of capital to participate, with many opportunities only available to private groups of investors. However, Blockchain Triangle’s platform now offers a whole new class of opportunities for climate-savvy investors.

The Blockchain Triangle marketplace and associated vast network of issuers allows investors to both selectively and broadly participate in climate opportunities never before accessible due to the privatization of investment and large initial minimum buy-ins.

Mockup of the BCT platform's detailed view of a climate solution investment opportunity
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Digital Asset CSDs: A Real World Application of Digital Twinning

With the growth of the digital assets industry, custody banks & prime brokers will require a seamless platform that provides this same service, thereby allowing them to grow their assets and establish a benchmark demonstrating to clients and investors their advantages over other firms. As a result, a digital asset CSD is vital for the growth of the industry. By connecting asset managers, prime brokers, custody banks and other stakeholders, a regulated digital asset CSD provides real-time settlement and transfer on a permissioned basis.

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