Carbon Farming

Unleash the potential of sustainable farming with Triangle.Digital. Triangle empowers farmers, agribusiness supply chain, and corporations with an innovative business platform to enhance the profitability and sustainability of the agriculture industry.

Our platform seamlessly collects, standardizes and analyzes climate compliance data for sustainable benchmarking and supply chain reporting. The system also aggregates your carbon footprint for bank TCFD compliance reporting (Scope 1, 2 & 3).

Let us help you optimize your farm’s performance and achieve your sustainability goals by reducing your regulatory risk and borrowing costs.

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    Ag Finance, Farm Credit Underwriting and Asset Manager Reporting

    Banks play a central role to enable farmers to transition to more sustainable practices to increase farm value and annual profitability.  With this approach, loan recipients (farmers) are able to receive lower borrowing costs as each dollar on the loan book that becomes sustainability-linked, results in reduced costs of borrowing for the bank, with those benefits passed onto the borrowers.

    Whether sustainable practices on the farm or energy transition hardware like solar, wind, battery, EV, geothermal, banks can provide Sustainability-linked Loans to farmers with the lower borrowing costs passed through to the farmer.

    To monitor and measure impact, Triangle creates Digital Twins (using Digital IDs) to link asset performance to financial instruments.  The Digital IDs deliver operational and economic performance back to the bank to monitor improved efficiency and farm productivity. Triangle is unqiuely suited to help you and your customers profitably address this large and growing loan market. Our software platform will help you optimize your loan book performance with regard to NIM, Efficiency ratio, Net Loss Ratio and Climate performance KPIs  providing a distinct edge in gaining market share with data and systems to optimizing pricing and risk.

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    Mockup of the BCT platform's marketplace for climate solutions

    Carbon Credit Minting & Custody

    Banks are at the center of climate compliance and uniquely positioned to help their clients manage and take advantage of their climate exposures.  

    Carbon credits represent a new revenue stream for farmers that are seeking to increase profitability by monetizing the value that the market is prepared to compensate you for. These same carbon attributes (Insets) can be embedded with your supply that you sell to your customers, and thus sent along to their buyers further downstream from them.

    Our platform links the shape file of you property, or sourced data (depdning on whats being measured) and is linked to D-MRV (Measurement, Reporting & Verification) methodologies to evaluate and certify compliance for the issuance of carbon credits or insets.

    Once analyzed, Triangle, on behalf of their bank customers, create fungible carbon credits for farmers and are moved in the bank customer’s custody at the bank or another wallet defined by the farmer.

    Starting in Farming and Agriculture, banks can leverage soil carbon sequestration from cover crop, pastureland or woodland reserves, or in oil and gas with methane capture.  Let us help you better facilitate you client’s carbon needs.

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