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Simplify the process of raising capital with Blockchain Triangle’s global network of ESG investors

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Streamline and shorten your fundraising timeline through the Blockchain Triangle marketplace

Our current financial system is unable to effectively fund climate issues due to cumbersome processes and lack of exposure, resulting in high capital costs. More than 80% of ESG infrastructure projects fail simply due to these high costs of capital. The Blockchain Triangle marketplace can reduce these costs by up to 50% through:

  • Grouping sub-scale assets into larger investable asset pools
  • Opening up access to an extensive network of investors never before available to sub-scale projects
  • Simplifying the fundraising process through connecting issuers to experienced ESG investors already looking for innovative projects to finance
Mockup of the BCT platform's marketplace for climate solutions

Blockchain Triangle provides AML/KYC, tokenization, and regulatory compliance in one digital experience.

Manage your issuance with Blockchain Triangle's suite of dashboard tools

Built from the ground up with asset issuers first in mind, Blockchain Triangle’s Dashboard simplifies your fundraising efforts with a clean, intuitive user interface and powerful suite of management tools. 

By supporting companies through ensuring compliance, onboarding investors, and building the ideal network of subscribers, we make it easy to provide your investors and partners with vital information at every stage of your fundraising process.

Mockup of the BCT platform's detailed view of a climate solution investment opportunity

Track asset performance through our comprehensive digital framework

Blockchain Triangle’s dashboard is uniquely able to provide transparency and accountability once a project becomes operational, simplifying the process from issuance to management.

Through proprietary IoT and Smart Meter technologies, our platform allows for the monitoring of real-time data flows, ensuring issuers can constantly track an asset’s performance and communicate effectively and accurately to relevant stakeholders.

Blockchain Triangle's technology reflects real-time economic value for climate and infrastructure assets - all while lowering cost of capital, operating costs, improving administrative efficiency and increasing liquidity.

Screenshot of Blockchain Triangle's product interface - dashboard