Digital Twin: The Engine That Powers Blockchain Triangle

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What is digital twinning?

Digital twinning is the process of taking a physical asset and creating a virtual representation that provides transparent, real-time data on the asset’s performance. This digitization provides a seamless flow of information that benchmarks performance to ensure ESG compliance.

Through years of research and development, Blockchain Triangle has created a scalable, one-of-a-kind solution. By connecting smart meters and IoT devices to digital securities using blockchain, Digital Twinning enables real-time asset performance for investors and issuers and simplifies ESG compliance across the entirety of a portfolio.

digital twin graphic
diagram of how complicated it is to report and manage performance data of climate and esg assets

Why does it matter?

To ensure climate & ESG compliance for board-level financial decisions, asset managers must validate performance and data output across their entire portfolio. The currently existing infrastructure is not equipped to seamlessly and faithfully deliver this information to the relevant stakeholders.

From limited reporting and reporting transparency, to expensive capital and operation costs, Blockchain Triangle's Digital Twin engine wipes out the existing infrastructure's problems and replaces them with a transparent, real-time asset reporting solution.

Who is Digital Twin made for?

Asset managers & ESG compliance officers

  • Delivers real-time information about how an asset is performing to all stakeholders for data-driven investing decisions and enhanced accountability
  • Provides reliable tools to ensure asset managers are following relevant legal compliance laws and agreements, such as Paris accord goals, renewable energy credits, etc.
  • Aggregates portfolios or public and private assets for bottoms-up analysis
  • Helps asset managers differentiate themselves from other investment firms

Governments & citizens

  • Provides the information needed to manage the city, municipality, etc
  • Allows ordinary citizens to better understand the benefits of ESG infrastructure projects and how their lives could subsequently improve
  • Creates opportunities to lower the cost of power through the replacement of unsustainable energy sources with multiple clean energy options
  • Enables resilience, emergency response planning, and ESG baselining and benchmarking

Corporations & customers

  • Provides a toolkit to baseline and benchmark for ESG compliance by providing the granular data needed to assess impact
  • Creates a pathway to plan for and achieve ESG compliance for today and into the future, so you don’t lose customers and can get assets at a lower cost

How It Works

1. Upload a single asset or a portfolio of assets to the Blockchain Triangle platform
2. Identify the smart meters or IoT devices connected to your asset
3. Monitor your asset’s performance through the digital twin created in Blockchain Triangle
4. Customize our reporting and business intelligence tools to your exact needs
UI mockup of the Blockchain Triangle asset and investment performance reporting interface
csd graphic

Digital Asset CSDs: A Real World Application of Digital Twinning

With the growth of the digital assets industry, custody banks & prime brokers will require a seamless platform that provides this same service, thereby allowing them to grow their assets and establish a benchmark demonstrating to clients and investors their advantages over other firms. As a result, a digital asset CSD is vital for the growth of the industry. By connecting asset managers, prime brokers, custody banks and other stakeholders, a regulated digital asset CSD provides real-time settlement and transfer on a permissioned basis.

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